Canadian Chamber in Italy

innovation, from farm to table


Panel Presentation

When: Thursday, June 20- 10:00am

Where: Rome Business School, Via degli Scialoja 18

Language: English


  • Thin Lei Win, Food Security Correspondent, Thomson Reuters Foundation

  • Sonia Massari, Director, Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability

  • Ahnna Gudmunds, Digital Development Programme Officer, WFP

By 2025, Canada will be one of the top five competitors in the agri-food sector, recognized as the most trusted, competitive and reliable supplier of safe, sustainable, high-quality agri-food products and an innovator in value-added products to feed the dynamic global consumer.

As the use of new technologies drives innovation, we must consider all aspects of the value chain, from farm to table. This event will provide a forum for the Chamber's supporters, guests and key stakeholders to:

1.- Improve their understanding of the new technologies regarding, agriculture, transportation, packaging and distribution of food.

2.- Explore the challenges and opportunities of this sector

3.- Create new connections with the leaders driving the industry

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