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Acea Innovation day: the future of Artificial Intelligence
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An event dedicated to the importance of innovation for companies and citizens. Acea is an integrated multi-utility, a leading player in the Italian market, founded in 1909.

In the last years, the Roman organization has invested efforts and energies to digitalize its working systems and educate its employees on artificial intelligence.

Most believe data as a threat for the future. However, 90% of data have been produced in the last two years. This increase allows to compare different variables and predict potential issues in many sectors.

One of the first companies around the world to understand the impact of technology in daily activities has been Google. In its first 20 years, Google has been a pioneer in proving new approaches based on new technologies. Moreover, the company is supporting projects across various sectors such as self-driving cars. A technology that could improve road safety, connect infrastructures and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve day by day. In this context, the contribution of start -ups could be fundamental in finding a solution to unsolved problems both for public and private sector.

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Greenrail, for example, is an Italian start up that has developed smart railway sleepers, with

secondary raw materials, which allow a sustainable infrastructural development in tune with new frontiers.  

Another innovative start up presented at the event, was Solenica, which has created a solar

mirror that captures solar energy and brings natural light into closed spaces.  

Different businesses but the same goal: combining technology and sustainability to make the

world a better place to live.

By Marco Mikhail

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10 Toronto artificial intelligence experts you should know

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days, with more and more businesses using it to power chatbots, virtual assistants, data and analytic platforms and much more. It’s grabbing the attention of not only the business industry but consumers and governments around the world. Earlier this month Canada even hosted the G7 conference on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal to discuss how to responsibly adopt and build a common vision of human-centric AI. The Government of Canada has also implemented its $125 million Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy that works with three AI institutes across the country, including the Vector Institute for AI in Toronto.

Canada is emerging as a leader in the global AI discussion and Toronto is a major part of that. It is the birthplace of modern AI and machine learning after all – home to many of the leading minds on the topic, including researchers, leaders, developers, and many AI labs. The following list is some of the top AI experts located in Toronto.

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