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Call for Interest - Space Sector

To promote the participation of Canadian companies and creating opportunities in the European market, the Canadian Chamber in Italy as a marketing partner of the New Space Economy ExpoForum offers a preferential rate for companies interested in becoming exhibitors, with the possibility to share a “Canada Booth” or your own space.

Organized by Fiera Roma s.r.l., Fondazione E. Amaldi in collaboration with Space Foundation and the support of Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.

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A Chamber 2.0

We are a nonprofit association based in Rome with the mission to facilitate access and connect leaders and innovators in Canada and Italy. What makes us unique is the ability to understand and adapt to the new technologies and sectors that are changing the world. By fostering diversity we create a more resilient ecosystem with a systemic approach to solving problems.


Areas and Sub-areas of Interest


Globally, this sector is responsible for feeding the planet and hiring well over 40% of it. Currently finding an increasing number of demands and constraints being placed on it, making the need for agrifood tech and innovation ever more important.

Precision farming, eco packaging, agritech, digital agriculture, green logistics, smart food systems, food design & blended finance.

Green economy

It’s imperative to link the economic, environmental and social considerations of sustainable development in such a manner that long-term economic development is achieved by investing in environmentally friendly and socially equitable solutions.

Cleantech, smart mobility, sustainable architecture, renewable energy, water management & circular economy.


Information and communication technologies have been at the heart of economic changes for more than a decade. The ICT sector plays an important role, notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth.

E-commerce, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity & digital transformation.


Few people know that 70% of our day to day activities depend on man-made objects orbiting around the earth and by 2040 this sector will create 1 trillion dollars in revenue. This sector affects directly at least 18 others very important sectors.

Downstream communication, space debris management, new space economy, earth observation, satellites & launchers.

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All of our areas and sub-areas of interest are deeply linked to the Sustainable Development Goals as we join the global effort to re-think economies and business models trough collaboration and innovation while promoting a responsible profit. We believe in cross-sector collaboration as a gateway for new technologies, business opportunities and innovative solutions.



Our Ecosystem

Working as an inclusive and traversal association, the Advisory Board review the goals and strategy of the Chamber, suggesting Strategic Partnerships with organizations and institutions leading the sectors of Agrifood, Green Economy, ICT & Space. Then the Executive Members implement those strategies, follow up on the partnerships and secure the continuity of the day to day operations. Finally the Sponsors and Supporters are the main financial contributors of the Chamber getting in return customized access to the network, business opportunities and support to their mission.

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